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Our proprietary search engine optimization technology, Strategic Online Positioning, combines marketing research with search engine optimization, resulting in more effectiveness than either alone would provide.

A sampling of our clients’ comments:

  • “My visitors increased by 1220% within three months.”
  • “I am on the first page of Google for 160 different search terms!”
  • “I was way off the page, and now I’m back on. It only took a month.”
  • “We have three times the business we had before.”
  • “Now those searching for our specialty can actually find us.”
  • “I get almost all my business from the website you did for me.”
  • “Clients from across the country are calling me from the website.”

Happy SEO clients getting big-time results know that gainful search engine optimization (SEO) is way more than a technical effort. The job demands reading the psyche of the searcher (your potential client) and calibrating your web pages to match the tricky brain of a search engine as it ranks sites.

What makes a Google Google? Search engine optimization is an exercise in empathy. The Web is intimidating, huge, dark, and scary to humans, but to a search engine it is an endless string of words. It doesn’t rank things emotionally, the way humans do, but analytically, using numbers.

Actually, when you know the ropes, it’s a walk in the park.

Here’s how SEO works:

The most important aspect search engine optimization for any website is first and foremost the quality of the content. Google wants to provide searchers with the most valuable content. Its algorithm is built to recognize the site that searchers really want to find. From a marketing perspective, our first challenge is making your site match Google’s idea of the perfect site.

Once content is appropriate, the second most important aspect is what most search engine firms think is more important than content: keywords. From the minds of searchers – or from their queries – I can harvest keywords that they actually use to search, usually different words than you would think. Once the words are uncovered, and there can be hundreds, then is it possible to seed those keyword phrases in just the right amount and in just the right places throughout the site in the content, structure and HTML code that makes up web pages.

I do this in such a way as to make the search engine think, “this is the best match for this search term and I will put it at the top of the list.”

The site that maximizes both content and keywords will triumph.

I can’t give away all my secrets – but I can be a voice in the wilderness. I can demystify the echo chamber the Web has become and select out just those parts that could be meaningful to you, amplifying just enough of the message to put you across…at the top.

Throughout these pages I will reference SEO, but know that we include extensive market research in our Strategic Online Positioning proprietary technology.