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SEO For You?

 Is Web Marketing Combining SEO for you?

Our service is for you if:

  • The potential customers you want to reach are those who don’t know your name yet, but do have a specific search term in mind. Examples: ranch vacation, model 6140A, wedding reception sonoma county, multiple listing sonoma county.

Why? Because if they already know your name, you will be at the top of the search engine result already when people search for your name. The key to new business is to optimize your website so that those looking for your service can find you even before they know your name.

  • The value of each customer is significant, either for specific transactions, like purchasing a high-ticket item, or for the lifetime value of a customer’s business.

    Why? Because the lifetime value of a customer buying $100 a month is $1200 a year, or $12,000 over a decade. If your typical customer is worth more than several thousand dollars you definitely want to attract them.

  • Your business is overseas and you aren’t getting the number of leads from U.S. companies that you desire.

    Why? Because selling to U.S. companies requires changing your presentation and content to reflect the way U.S. customers think and search. It is often beneficial to have a U.S. located website, so search engines give you the benefit of being localized in the U.S.

Marketing combining search engine optimization services make excellent sense in these circumstances.